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to mention buck showalter, jones, weeder, you name it, but this are plenty of unsung heroes. brian kuebler is live tonight at the yard with one of their stories. >> reporter: when we come to the yard, we typically keep our focus and attention on the field. there is plenty of credit to go around for the kind of experience you have here at camden yards. >> before you can see this, you need to walk through this. whether at the gates, clubhouse or concession stand, these friendly faces are here to help. henry charlie and luther, when you put the three together, over a century of meeting and greeting with a smile. no matter who you are, or who you talk to, it feels good to be a fan. >> i will tell you right now, i can't believe the orioles are doing what they are doing. it's amazing. >> reporter: luther took a minute to show us a picture of his friend, steve, he made a few friends or two over the years, while manning his post here at the yard. sphwhrerler in theee -- earlier in the year, somebody said how do you feel about the orioles, i said i don't give a dam where they finish as long as they
wearing a cape. brian kuebler talked to him. >> reporter: he is called the baltimore batman. you probably know him as the man who streaked through m&t bank stadium during the dpai. mark harvey sat down with us to talk about the method behind this madness. the only people in the crowd who knew what was about to happen is harvey and his buddy who shot the video. harvey disappears into the stands only to reappear on the gridiron in a cape and batman box are briefs. batman entertained with the crab dance, and whatever this move is, but eventually batman would be no match for security. harvey would spend the night at central booking dressed almost as he was arrested. >> they took my cape and hat, but i was dressed like this. the shorts i had on -- i don't know how they got them. i had my shorts and they actually gave me my own private cell. people walked by snapping pictures of me in jail. >> reporter: the pictures, he hopes reveals what monday night and this interview does. don't be a bully, it reads. be a super hero. a cause he picked up after seeing stories about bullying students
down to camden yards. brian kuebler, one of the biggest baseball fans is live right now and has everyone smiling. >> reporter: everybody is smiling ear to ear. for a good chunk of downtown, as go the o's goes their businesses. this is about the economics of the heart as well. it's long been argued in this charming city of ours, is baltimore is football town, or a baseball town. certainly in the last 15 years, if you made the latter argument it echoed against an empty seating bowl at camden yards. if history is any indication, indication -- the pillars of one of major league baseballs' storied franchises revealed themselves in bronze this season, the past seemingly on parallel course with today's player whose like a character in a shake conspiracy tragedy are in the throws of seeking a classic literary redemption. >> the best feeling that i have ever had. the fact that like the o. s are within this close of reaching wild card, winning the pennant, whatever, i've never had a feeling like this, i love this so much. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of fans have been locked in what
are playing the red sox and angling for a spot in the playoffs since 1997. brian kuebler joins us live from orioles park. tons of anxious fans biting their nails over this. >> more and more people are doing the same. i wanted to show you the scene, exphundz soon to be thousands of people are waiting to get settled in to the stadium tonight. buckled up and head on the ride towards the playoffs. first time for young fans and the first time in a while for a lot of older fans, but it's also the first time for the new voice of camden yards, ryan wagner. >> to be able to tell people i'm the voice of orioles park , the place that i grew up spending summers watching baseball and call ripken and mike and jeffrey and all those guys that were my heroes, to now get to announce it at the park, to welcome a new generation of fans, to the greatest ballpark in the country is very special. this has everything to do with buck and guys on the field to. be in the chair and have a front row seat for the summer has been remarkable. as a baltimore kid this was sort of the ultimate achievement. i grew up and was b
was shot and killed. now brian kuebler is here with how police are responding. >> reporter: police already added patrols but it couldn't stop a shooting a block away. all police know about sunday night's murder is that it was a drug-related murder. according to witness, they are looking for two suspects. they are continuing their investigation. that makes two murder cases on this street on either side of bel air road. crime stats show that violent crime in the northeast district is down by just under 20% but a city councilman hop represents -- who represents the area said it's time to get more resources. >> there's no secret that the resources in the amount of officers they assigned hasn't changed since the 70s. we have to address that. >> now scott said he's already spoken to incoming police officer anthony batts. police say they have very few leads and have made little progress in finding the suspect. coming up at six we head out to the neighborhood and have reaction to the two murders that happened a block away. >>> city detectives investigating applies involved shooting. police got a c
research, 51-year-old peter marvit. we told you about him last week. brian kuebler reports how both killings have left people unsettled. >> homicide detectives were back out in and around the 3000 block of chesterfield avenue while patrol officers stood in front of the house where a life was taken. a sight not exactly foreign to homeowners here. >> times have changed, you know. my opinion and i hope nobody takes this wrong, it has a lot to do with drugs, you know. >> reporter: and that is about all police know. sunday's homicide was about a drug deal and detectives believe they are looking for a pair of suspects. another case opens on chesterfield avenue as police look to close the murder just on the other side of bell hair road. nih researcher peter marvit was killed, no leads there. two murders within one week on either side of the road. >> we talked to officers, talked to community people. if you handle bel air road, you handle the northeast district. >> reporter: he said while all violent crimes in northeast district are down by nearly 20% this year, the area is still woefully u
be for the rest of the series. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >>> conflicted friday. i love the sound of that one. tickets for the weekend are already hard to come by. imagine what they might cost in the post season. no imagination necessary at this point. the on line ticket site, stub hub, has posted tickets and posted pricing as far as the o's can go. tickets to home games in the al division series are going for between 139-169. al championship, 249-$299. tickets to the home games in the world series for $799, gofers to 899 for the final -- jumps to $899 for the final home game if we get. there even though it's the friday before the first home game of the season, baltimore is a 2-team city, instead of a typical purple friday, stephanie rawlings blake declared today orange orange friday. for everything orioles, about how it feels to be a fan and the great pictures, showing orioles pride, head to and click on the orioles tab. >>> i want purple and orange. here is what is going on this afternoon. we were mild. look at temperatures across town. 88 in the city. most spots in to t
home when he was robbed and killed. brian kuebler has more. dr. peter marvit has no enemies. no rhyme to this tragic reason. so far this seems like the type of crime we fear most, a random killing of a law abiding citizen. peter marvit was parking his car, going in to see his family and that is when this happened. >> he was shot near his vehicle. detectives believe he was either exiting or entering the car and we are exploring a robbery motive. >> reporter: police spent the day exploring this troubling crime. detectives were looking for evidence. they passed out these crime stoppers fliers and stopped suspicious vehicles near haring run park. all in an attempt to get leads. he did pis post doctorate work at the university of maryland and a clinical professor at nih. the house today full of family who asked us to stay back and let them mourn, no doubt, trying to figure out the answers to the questions police are already asking. >> an individual who has given quite a lot to society, and we're investigating this death just like we do any other. this is a heinous crime and atypical for th
and staying up all night. brian kuebler with a burglar playing catch me if you can with anne arundel police. >> reporter: boulevard park was still one of those small close communities where people still felt they could leave their windows and doors open. in less than a month's time they are changing. >> this is our life-style. now it's been invaded. >> you feel like there's a loss of security here? >> definitely a also of security, especially from the people who have been robbing. >> reporter: there's been an aston knishing 15 burglaries in -- astonishing 15 burglaries. it shows how close these victims are. >> my neighbor directly behind me got robbed. i have not been able to sleep, about a couple hours a night. i pace from window to window looking out. >> reporter: some homes have been hit more than once, leading police to believe this is the same suspect who's incredibly familiar with this neighborhood and the routines of the people who live here, a catch me if you can type of case that's been going on for three weeks. >> similar methodology, and they've been taking place and we believe t
now, we didn't put our lawnmowers away. >> that's brian kuebler. the neighborhood association has a meeting planned next monday at #:30 at the community's clubhouse. >>> five children staying with a family member because the mother faces charges for leaving them alone in a hotel. police say she left them while she wept to steal from -- went to steal from someone at another motel. t-ame-ka wright and james reese robbed the motel and wright left the youngest just 4 months old and left them alone in a hotel room. >>> when it comes to the u.s., he usually brings controversy and it sound like today will be no different. iranian president ahmadinejad is is addressing the united nations general assembly today. in an interview with the associated press e. says the united states -- he says theunited states is a bully and domineering and the nuclear issue is the imposition of the will of the united states. the president did obama did such on-- touch on the speech. >> the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> obama said time is run willing out
to be a better voice for the victims who do have one. owings mills, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> there have been some terrible cases of animal abuse across the baltimore area in recent years. earlier this year two brothers were found not guilty accused of pouring gasoline on to a pitbull and lighting her on fire. the dog, renamed phoenix, eventually had to be euthanized but that case led to important changes. they get special training no last year a cat nursing her kitten was burned. thankful flip mittens -- thankfully mittens was able to recover and become a posted cat for several others. the person accused in her attack was convicted. >>> who can forget thor a pet bull left in trash cafnlt the 5-year-old dog was down to skin and bones but is now thriving after being more than 20 pounds underway. you can find much more about today's animal abuse summit. just head to our slideshow. >>> temperatures have warmed up system. we're in the upper 70s to low 80s. 74 in bowie. 78 and 79 in goldsboro. those are even with our highs on the day. current conditions at bwi gusting to 19 earlier today so a litt
kuebler -- brian kuebler sits down with them. >> well, the man had ran loose on the ravens field sunday night is talking. how he turned streaking at a game a way to fight bullying. >> with the shutdown, many steel workers are still suffering. the major contribution maryland's food banks are making. >> maryland's most powerful radar has showers and storms for this evening. we are tracking the storms next on president news at -- the news at 6. we'll be right back. >>> all right. we're back here live at orioles park, camden yards. the orioles dense the toronto blue kay -- against the toronto blue jays. the boston red sox coming to town. we've had over 3,000 -- 30,000 in attendance. we'll have another great crowd tonight. the orioles need to win. the yankees won in minnesota. nick markakis' cast has been removed from his broken thumb. he should have his pins removed in tampa. and matt is having one heck of a se. i want to take you all the way back to 155 games ago to opening night, right here at camden yards. we had a man dressed in a batman costume ran out on to the field. we learned his n
now at orioles park at camden yards. perfect night for a baseball game. we will hear from brian kuebler who is down at the yard with those fans. first we want to check this with mike masco. get your game forecast. >>> got nervous this morning watching rain come through west virginia. it looks like it's going to be far south of the city. manchester has the clouds this play. clouds across the location. this is howist going to boil down. i drew in the line where i think that the best chances of rain will exist,ist from baltimore on south, arundel, pg county, a chance of a scatter shower. the dryer the further north. if you are going to the games there are showers, maybe a quick shower, but i think its going to be cloudy. northwest wind 5-10, we will have a temperature of around 73 degrees. daytime highs today, 80 degrees. we
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13